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My professional career has centered around designing successful programs from scratch and hiring, directing, and evaluating staff in their implementation. I am skilled at the technique of behavioral interviewing, which is used to help identify how a potential employee might approach situations and challenges in a new workplace.  I have served on the boards of many not-for-profit organizations, taking several through transition phases.

I helped the town of Becket, Massachusetts hire a new Town Administrator, and introduced the practice of behavioral interviewing. 

I was the founding Director of Solid Waste for Passaic County, New Jersey, and the founding Director of the Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development in Massachusetts, growing both entities to provide successful programs and services.  As San Francisco’s Director of Recycling, I significantly expanded the scope and impact of that city’s recycling program. All involved identifying staffing needs and hiring, and managing new staff.


I co-chaired the Board Development Committee of the National Recycling Coalition for two years, developing board training and orientation programs including establishment of a new board member mentoring system, and training programs on legal and other board responsibilities.

As a board member of WasteCap of Massachusetts, I wrote a transition plan for closing down the organization. 

“Amy is a natural-born networker - and exceeds at linking people and resources for the benefit of all.  Amy has focused all of this on the "great work" of our time - namely healing our planet and improving the well-being of people.”

– Peter Engel
Principal, Terra Consulting