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Amy mentors and advises individuals seeking jobs in environmental careers, as well as startups in the clean tech space.

Over the course of her career, Amy has developed numerous sustainability-related relationships in the public, private, not-for-profit and academic sectors throughout the US and internationally. She maintains a broad network of contacts in clean energy, zero waste, soils, green chemistry and more, and draws on those contacts, in addition to her own expertise, to assist those she works with.  

She helps clean tech startups think about their strategic value, sustainability goals and niche, and more. She mentors start-ups individually and through the Clean Tech Open Northeast.  Start-ups she has worked with include GreenBean Recycle, Magnomer, Onvector, SomEV, and GrubTerra. 

Amy also helps students, recent college graduates, and professionals to identify and communicate core interests and skills, explore potential jobs and sectors, and develop effective job-seeking strategies. She provides invaluable feedback, coaching, and support throughout the process.

"Amy was a Sustainability Mentor to my company for the Cleantech Open Northeast Accelerator. She is a true expert in the field of sustainability, is extremely thorough in her work, and is overall just a wonderful person to work with. She helped us think through the kind of business we want to run long-term, and to think deeply about our sustainability practices. She is a great communicator, and always offers constructive feedback in a thoughtful manner. Amy always arrived at our meetings having read through every line of our deliverables, offering feedback, creative ideas, and copy edits. Her attention to detail and commitment to helping us was unparalleled. Most importantly, it is thanks to Amy and her vast network in the Boston-area, that we were able to conduct so many customer discovery interviews! She has made several introductions on our behalf, and even continues to do so today. Amy was our nomination for the Sustainability Mentor of the Year award. I highly recommend Amy’s expertise for any organization that is looking for strategies to design, improve, or build sustainable practices and policies.”

– Natasha George

Co-Founder, SomEV, Inc


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