With Over 30 Years of Experience Perlmutter Associates Services Include...

Strategy and Program Development

I effectively brings together businesses, government, non-profit, community, and academic leaders to develop innovative programs that link environmental protection and economic development, and influence people to adopt more environmentally sustainable behaviors. I is adept at seeing all sides of an issue, and understanding how policy and human behavior impact real world programs.

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Public Speaking

I am an experienced and engaging speaker who is equally comfortable addressing business, community and school groups; the media; and general audiences about clean technologies, waste management and recycling, sustainable economic development, and green careers. Learn More

Business Development

Stakeholder Engagement 

My ability to persuasively communicate across sectors enables my clients to successfully build partnerships that identify new, practical opportunities for policies and programs that are more environmentally sound. Learn More


I enjoy leveraging my extensive knowledge of the environmental field and personnel hiring to effectively counsel individuals in their job searches in this growing field. Learn More

Organizational Planning and Staffing

My broad experience in organizational and personnel management has been successfully applied to many organizations in need of hiring and organizational structure assistance. Learn More

I have connections in all sectors and am not shy about making more! I get great joy in connecting people to each other to leverage change. Learn More

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