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Amy is experienced at working with business, government, NGO, and academic sectors, which enables her to design and facilitate conversations and partnerships with effective outcomes.  She knows how to motivate people to come to the table, and how to plan and develop meetings and processes that meet well-defined desired outcomes.   Examples include:​  

“ I had the pleasure of working with Amy as part of the Deval Patrick Transition Team on Energy and Environment during a two-month period at the end of 2006. She was enormously energetic, informed, creative - with great analytic and people skills.”

–Sue Tierney
Co-Chair, Deval Patrick Energy and Environment Transition Team
Managing Principal
Analysis Group Inc.
Boston, Mass.


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Developing the facilitation approach, desired outcomes, and agendas, and co-facilitating the advisory committee meetings for the City of Boston's Zero Waste planning process. 

Designing, organizing, and facilitating a series of eight roundtables for the Clean Tech Initiative that brought together a wide range of stakeholders from all sectors to discuss strengths, opportunities, and needs to build the clean tech economy in Massachusetts.

Helping to organize the first Green Chemistry Innovators Roundtable for UMass Lowell’s Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, articulating meeting goals, developing the agenda to meet those goals, and persuading companies to participate. The success of this meeting led to the creation of the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3), which Amy continued to consult to, facilitating working groups and meetings, and helping to design an annual Roundtable.


As an appointed member of newly elected Governor Deval Patrick’s Transition Team on Energy and Environment, participating in public meetings throughout the state and helping to organize the input received into recommendations to the governor.


As Executive Director of the Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development, bringing together businesses, researchers, and regulatory officials to discuss needs and barriers to the development and use of recycled products, including technical, business, and policy- related issues.


Bringing together a range of community and business stakeholders to provide input into the design of San Francisco’s first multi-material curbside recycling program, the largest curbside recycling program in the country. 

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